About Andrew M. Allamian

Illinois Social Security Lawyer

For many people, dealing with the complicated, confusing Social Security Disability systems becomes one of the most frustrating and helpless events they have ever experienced.

Attorney Allamian has an excellent understanding of the complicated, tedious Social Security Disability system. However, understanding the system is only half the battle. The other half? Knowing how to get results. Throughout his 14 years of experience dealing with Social Security Disability issues, Mr. Allamian has developed numerous methods and strategies that have often proven successful in obtaining favorable decision for his clients.

Mr. Allamian believes in preserving your fundamental right to representation by an attorney. He also believes that claimants hire attorneys, not secretaries, paralegals and assistants. Therefore, the important aspects of your claim, including the initial meeting, completion of social security forms, appeal briefs and representation at the hearing are done by Mr. Allamian. He makes every effort to make himself available for claimants’ telephone calls and for meetings when necessary.

Founded in 1994, Attorney Allamian’s solo practice is concentrated in representation of social security disability claimants, though he also practices in the area of personal injury and litigation. Mr. Allamian believes that representation by an attorney with knowledge of the social security disability system is critical in order to maximize your chances of being approved for benefits.

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